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Brief cure for depression

Brief cure for depression

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If your current situation has you frustrated and craving new surroundings, take a thorough personal inventory before making any change. None of us can completely control external events, but we can always control and adapt our responses.

Follow these 5 steps to go about your day in a more purposeful way.

Risk it.

Whatever big decision you’ve been mulling over, take a chance and go for it! Trust your intuition, and make the leap today.

Forgive and forget.

Let go of baggage that could be damaging your relationships and personal happiness. Think of someone you need to forgive, and call them before day’s end.

Do good.

Before you get out of bed tomorrow, set a positive goal for your day. What can you do to make someone else smile today?

Partner up.

You can’t always do it alone. Before bed, make a list of people in your life who can help you reach your next big goal, then ask one of them to be your mentor.

Slow down.

Take some time to give that project or report another look. Make it a habit to avoid rushing through things and deliver quality work.

To Your Success (and Growth)


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