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Surveying the Stars

It is an enormous step to go from the planets to the stars. For example, our Voyager 1 probe, which was launched in 1977, has now traveled farther from Earth than any other spacecraft. As this is written in 2016, Voyager 1 is 134 AU from the Sun.1 The nearest star, however, is hundreds of thousands…
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RAS Warns of Potential Danger of Starlink Satellites To Ground-Based Astronomy

The Royal Astronomical Society has issued a publication stating their concern about the potential negative impact of the SpaceX starlink sattelites that was launched some days back on star gazing and ground-based astronomy. The Starlink and other similar networks have an aim of developing a low-cost, high-performance satellite bus and requisite customer ground transceivers to…
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Minerals – Food

Minerals are chemical substances needed by the body. Calcium and Phosphorus are needed for the formation of strong bones and teeth. Iron is needed for the formation of red blood cells. Chlorine is needed by the glands in the stomach to make hydrochloric acid. Human hair contains 4 to 6 sulfur. Other minerals are needed…
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Atomic Nucleus

The basic particles of an atom are the proton, neutron and electron. One model of an atom pictures a dense positively charged nucleus. A cloud of negative electricity surrounds it. The cloud is produced by electrons orbiting around the nucleus. The nucleus contains neutrons and positively charged protons. A nucleus is only a tiny fraction…
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A Cyclotron is a kind of atom smasher. It has been used to split the atoms of most elements. It is a machine which produces high speed beam of atomic particles. The beam contains protons, heavy hydrogen nuclei, our alpha particles. By firing high speed particles into the atom’s nucleus, scientist cause the nucleus to…
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Jupiter and Saturn

The two planets are gas giant – they are not a rocky planet like Earth -. They are basically made up of gas and has no surface where you can for example put down your leg and stand on. The two planets are made of Helium and Hydrogen with the Hydrogen being prominent. The reason…
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Radio Astronomy and satellites

Some limitations of optical telescopes are overcome by the use of Radio telescopes. Radio Telescope detects radio waves that come from space instead of light. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves are not scattered or blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. The use of Radio waves to study space objects is called…
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Blood Types

Not all human blood is exactly alike. each person has a particular combination of materials in his or her blood. This substances can react with each other when blood from two different people are mixed. If the wrong blood ifs given to a person, clumping of blood and death may occur. Safe transfusion of blood…
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Stars and Stellar Distances

Ancient Greek Astronomers believed the stars were burning objects. Today, we know that stars are composed of very hot gases. Stars produce energy by nuclear fusion. If you observe the sky on a clear night, you can see as many as 2000 stars. Some stars in the night sky are brighter than others. However, the…
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The Temperature Inside the Earth

Perhaps you have once dug into the Earth o see what was down there. When you are digging you may have noticed how cool the dirt in the hole was. From this observation you may have concluded that the deeper you go, the cooler the Earth’s temperature is. Another way to learn about Earth’s temperature…
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Common Errors in English Language: Since, Under, By

Since Wrong: Ebere came to live in Abuja since 1998. The use of “since” in the above sentence is wrong. This is because “since” is not used after the simple past tense. We use it after perfective aspect where it means from a particular time onwards as in: Ebere has been living in Ibadan since…
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Relative Sizes of Planets and Stars

Comparing the sizes of celestial objects (Earth is so small) By Dave Jarvis (http://www.davidjarvis.ca/) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, View larger image, download and read details about the image on Wikimedia: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5932805

Graphical Explanation of The Universe

An explanatory picture about Earth’s location in Space Click¬†here, select “download” by the right side of the screen then select “Full resolution” at the bottom of the pop up window to Download and zoom the picture to better understand. It gives detailed graphical representation of the location of earth and other planets and stars as…
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