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Space Image

Radio Astronomy and satellites

Some limitations of optical telescopes are overcome by the use of Radio telescopes. Radio Telescope detects radio waves that come from space instead of light. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves are not scattered or blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. The use of Radio waves to study space objects is called…
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Planet Mercury

FACTS Its is the smallest of the Planets that make up our solar system It is the closest to the sun It completes a orbit around the Sun in 87.97 days There are only Three days in Two years on the planet It is the second in hotness coming after Venus

Relative Sizes of Planets and Stars

Comparing the sizes of celestial objects (Earth is so small) By Dave Jarvis (http://www.davidjarvis.ca/) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, View larger image, download and read details about the image on Wikimedia: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5932805

Earth From Space

Images of Earth from Space Click on this links to view image on wikimedia: view image 1 view image 2 view image 3  view image 4 view image 5   Click on this links to view bigger image from wikimedia: enlarge image 1 enlarge image 2 enlarge image 3 enlarge image 4 enlarge image 5

Graphical Explanation of The Universe

An explanatory picture about Earth’s location in Space Click¬†here, select “download” by the right side of the screen then select “Full resolution” at the bottom of the pop up window to Download and zoom the picture to better understand. It gives detailed graphical representation of the location of earth and other planets and stars as…
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