Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria

Enforce The Change Now!!!

Enforce The Change Now!!!

Procrastination has been a killer of dreams and became an expert. The rate at which procrastination affect youths today is alarming and something to discuss on an important stage. The impact is visible though and is in form of the economical vices the world is experiencing all over.

You as a person should always talk to yourself everyday and lecture yourself on the possible reason you are alive this very moment; to tweet? to check other people’s status? to post on instagram? to just sleep? to play off the time?

The social media is not helping in this matter and has been a place of refuge to procrastination stricken youths, they express their laziness on those platform in the form of status updates and platform participation.

Allowing your dreams waste is not only affecting you but the world as a whole. Lets imagine every other person that has every lived on Earth has an invention, we may not be lacking in anything today, but the ratio of those who achieve in the generations past to the who came and left is so low.

You have the time now, you are alive and can do evreything, choose a dream now, choose a task and go for it critically, set your eyes on the price and achieve the impossible.


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