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Guilt of War

Guilt of War

Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war.

John Adams

You will notice the presence of “unnecessary” in the quote, that is to say that there are of course some wars that are really necessary and that goes without a saying because it gives a chance to solve some problems. The one to blame in any case is the one that created the war in the first place. This will make me point out that there is really no necessary war because the only hing that causes a war is disagreement and disagreement can easily be solved with the words of mouth. Why don’t we employ the easy and beneficial way???

Going into any war maybe cold or warm or hot is a disease that we must erase from the human mind, the world as we have it is our hoe -everyone of us- that has a meaning; we are a family on Earth, we are all workers on the planet, trying to do our best to help make it a better place

Fighting ourselves only make us ignore some general problems that can affect not only our generation but those coming after us. Many times we see climate deals, land use deals, plastic maintenance, global warming and emission deals crash, not because they are not viable but because a country is already in cold war with another and feels going into that deal will mean being inferior. We have to really look into this and begin to help and assist one another especially in working for our planet

Another form of the war that can be gotten from this quote is just being at odds with a fellow human, whether the first or the second, matters can be solved easily, we only have a short time here and we should make the most of it, we cannot make the most of it when we are carrying anger about in our minds so we have to wash those away and work on our happiness and service to humanity


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