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New Horizons data points to Large Kuiper Belt Objects

New Horizons data points to Large Kuiper Belt Objects

The vital data sent by The New Horizons spacecraft when it performed its Pluto flyby in July 2015 has pointed to the scarcity of small objects below a mile in diameter in the Kuiper Belt.

New Horizons

Pluto and its largest moon Charon are far too distant from Earth to be completely studied by a telescope so the data sent by New Horizons became really important and the pillar for studying about Pluto especially about its surface.

The data was used to confirm the availability of small impacts on the surface of the two bodies, an impact that will have been caused by an object around the size of 300 feet to a mile in diameter. The research was carried out by Kelsi Singer of the Southwest research Institute (SWRI) and New Horizons co-investigator and their team.

The team confirm the scarcity of impacts of objects considered small in size of around 300 feet to 1 mile in diameter pointing to the presence of large objects in the Kuiper Belt in contrast to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which s populated by small objects.

New Horizons continues on its journye and is expected to send information about the Kuiper Belt which can’t be fully explored with a telescope and other far away celestial bodies.


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