SydeWalka Design

We prioritise creation of responsive, unique and quality website. We use quality and modern coding techniques and framework with an good experience and understanding to create unique, secure, updated and quality websites.

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Web Design

Contact us today to get yourself a world class website that will speak about your business and personalty in the most advance and modern form without leaving out smooth and responsive design

Web Hosting and services

We help you manage your hosting on world class and reliable servers that has been tested and in usage among a large number of web creators. Or you just have a itch or need advise on your hosting

Responsive Design

One of the most important aspect of web design after the versatility of devices have skyrocketed nowadays is the responsiveness of the design and cross-platform usability. We make this a top priority and give you a totally responsive website with equal rate of user experience across different platforms

SEO Services

Creating a website with us comes with a complete SEO friendly coding and design as well as packaging, your site is verified by Google on the fly and all SEO laws are well followed in manufacturing your site so your site is really detectable

Social Media Marketing

With an option of managing your social media channels through your site and delivering new information immediately to make your media active and lively, your media becomes your second RSS Feed

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SydeWalka Logo Design

Experience a breathtaking design for your business and services, we employ all elements of design to tailor a smooth, simple, elegant logo that speaks totally of your business incorporating beauty without sacrificing its ability to communicate about your business at first sight

Simple and Breathtaking

We create a simple design as an element of good design. Get a cool and elegant design at the most possible simplicity level. This will make it light, broadcasting and breathtaking

Unique and Elegant

We respect your wish to create a unique logo for your business and we take this a priority, experience a unique out of the box design, you’ll be glad with the quality in the design

A Logo with a Meaning

One of the basic and important design element is that it speaks of its major theme. We love to create a logo that has a meaning and is broadcasting directly or indirectly

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