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Poem: Letting Go

Poem: Letting Go

Title: Letting Go

Author: Tegoshei

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Byy7YF5AZxK

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@tegoshei

A poem about parting with love

All the memories, good and bad, of you and me
They’re all in the place where they ought to be
Earnestly engraved somewhere in my heart
Will forever stay in its deepest part

Sadly, we were not meant for each other
Destiny decided; we just can’t be together
Worry not, for I will forever treasure
Memories we shared; every pain and pleasure

We have to accept the truth as it is
Let’s not force it; I can never be his
Imposing our feelings wouldn’t bring any good
It’s enough to be simply accepted and understood

There are times when my mind begin to wander
Leaping from one question to another
If we met in another circumstance…
Would there be a better chance?

If I showed my feelings in a different way
Would I see you coming my way?
But I know these questions mean nothing now
For everything we had is nothing but a broken vow

Yes, the pain I feel is genuine
Can’t deny that everything did happen
It’s hard to let go but I must do so
But there’s one thing I want to let you know…

and because of that,

Author’s comment:

It takes a lot of courage for someone to let go of somebody they love and care for. It’s never easy to do so. Well, we don’t have to force ourselves to let go of someone. However, little by little, let’s try to face reality. Let’s accept the fact that we can never own someone. We are all separate beings… though some of us are destined to be together.

The best thing we can do is to love ourselves. I’m not saying we shouldn’t love anyone else, but we shouldn’t give our everything to them. Leave something for yourself. Enjoy the moment with your special person, but learn to appreciate having your own time as well.


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