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Quote: Master Yourself

Quote: Master Yourself

A man has to learn that he cannot command things, but that he can command himself; that he cannot coerce the will of others, but that he can mould and master his own will: and things serve him who serves Truth; people seek guidance of him who is master of himself.

James Allen

This is a valuable quote that teaches us to try to change and be the master of ourselves first. The first principle of life is that no one really cares for you, even if they show that. No one will want goodness for you when they also have the ability to attain the goodness. No one will put you above themselves. They only want you behind them and try to guide and control you.

If you can’t put yourself first with all manners possible then no one will do that for you. You have to sit down and be peaceful for like an hour everyday and talk to yourself; are you going in the direction that you want for yourself? You have to really know yourself and try to get better.

Only through self realisation can you realise your goal. Don’t be a tool for another, be a tool for yourself.


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