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Space X Crew Dragon docks with ISS

Space X Crew Dragon docks with ISS

March 3 was made a date to be inscribed in history. It was the launch of the first crew spaceflight from USA to The International Space Station after the Space Shuttle Program, thought this is just a test flight, it has every bit of success to it.

The unpiloted Crew Dragon Demo-1 launched atop Falcon 9 rocket all by Space X from Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39A, Florida and docked to the International Space Station some hours later allowing ISS Expedition 58 crew access to test its components and ensure the full and itch free operation of the new capsule.

The capsule will stay for five days undergoing tests and vital information gathering on its operation after which it will be detached from the ISS and made to reenter the earth atmosphere. It is expected to touch down on the coast of Florida.

The next capsule will be a piloted Crew Dragon Demo-2. The capsle is expected to be piloted by astronauts; Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. The Demo-2 will be just the same as Demo-1 except that it will be piloted. Demo-2 is projected to launch by July.

components of the Crew Dragon

Crew Dragon is produced and owned and managed by Space X the American aerospace manufacturer, it is reusable and piloted and has the ability of docking to the ISS. Development on Crew Dragon began in 2010, its design publicly unveiled in May 2014.


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