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Surveying the Stars

It is an enormous step to go from the planets to the stars. For example, our Voyager 1 probe, which was launched in 1977, has now traveled farther from Earth than any other spacecraft. As this is written in 2016, Voyager 1 is 134 AU from the Sun.1 The nearest star, however, is hundreds of thousands…
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Stars and Stellar Distances

Ancient Greek Astronomers believed the stars were burning objects. Today, we know that stars are composed of very hot gases. Stars produce energy by nuclear fusion. If you observe the sky on a clear night, you can see as many as 2000 stars. Some stars in the night sky are brighter than others. However, the…
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Relative Sizes of Planets and Stars

Comparing the sizes of celestial objects (Earth is so small) By Dave Jarvis (http://www.davidjarvis.ca/) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, View larger image, download and read details about the image on Wikimedia: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5932805

Graphical Explanation of The Universe

An explanatory picture about Earth’s location in Space Click¬†here, select “download” by the right side of the screen then select “Full resolution” at the bottom of the pop up window to Download and zoom the picture to better understand. It gives detailed graphical representation of the location of earth and other planets and stars as…
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