Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria

Try to get Better Everyday

Try to get Better Everyday

Have you ever think of the reason you are still living? if the mistakes of yesterday is a result then you should be dead and everything should have finished by now. But you are still living!!!

That is because your mistakes isn’t a result, only success is a result, mistakes are only an experience, so that you can move on and get better, will you then sit down thinking about those mistakes and failing to continue? It is always not too late to start. Don’t be deceived, you can start now and achieve the best.

That is why you have to get better everyday, that failure of yesterday, just put it behind you and learn from it. As a new day come you should always intend to do better than you did the previous day.

Don’t settle and don’t relent, never let laziness and procrastination seduce you, keep your eyes on the prize, the success.


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