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Your Dreams Won’t Be Achieved Unless You Chase Them

Your Dreams Won’t Be Achieved Unless You Chase Them

Dreams are what you see in your thought or when you sleep but will be what you see physically when they are achieved. Only when they are achieved.

Almost all human beings have a form of dream or the other, what they want to be, where they want to go, how they want to live. But many fail to achieve a 50% of their dream not because it is impossible but because they never chased the dream and it stayed in their thought.

Dreams are meant to be worked on, its like an Architectural planning, it is nothing on paper until it is actualised and we see its physical appearance. Planning is only the first and easiest stage in the stages of life.

Every person that fails to achieve their dream always have a regret at the end thinking about how fast everything went and the fact that they have failed to do anything, not because they did nothing, but because they didn’t do what they want to do even though they have the ability to.

The good news is that it is not always too late to start, you can start now and be glad at the end of your life that you have at least chased or dream of fail to start and live with the regret. There is a quote “The best drawing is nothing if it remain in the mind never gets on paper”


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